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One-Stop-Shop for floating architecture  &  Special Economic Zone Projects. 

We help your projects get off the ground by helping you navigate the complexity of these new waters. 

One-Stop-Shop for  Floating and Special Economic Zone Projects.

A sustainable future can be achieved on water.  But at Seaphia we know that before we can have floating cities, we have to start with specific business cases. Short and medium-term floating developments based on on-the-water-real-estate and blue technologies and with –and without– the right special regulatory framework provide the way forward.

Our business development services target tomorrow’s needs with engineering and legal tools that are at hand. We bring together a unique skill set and experience that knows, better than anyone, the political, economic, environmental, social and legal complexity of floating projects.

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Let us explain in simple terms what makes us unique

It's simple


Floating Architecture

We are one of the few firms in Latin America dedicated to floating developments, floating neighborhoods and districts. And we are for sure the only one-stop shop service provider for new players in the industry. We work on:

  • Fl​oating office buildings

  • Floating neighborhoods

  • Floating research centres

  • Floating medical facilities

  • Floating ports

  • Floating cities

  • Floating islands

  • Floating Cleantech Hubs

Special Economic Zones

Our team and partners are uniquely skilled in the field of SeaZones and Special Economic Zones. Whether you are a port in water, an in-land port, a Zone developer on land, by a coast or on the water, we provide integrated solutions to your needs, from the regulatory framework to the environmental studies. We work with:

  • SeaZones

  • Special Economic Zones

  • Free Zone

  • Ports

  • Special Districts

  • Maritime Special Economic Zones

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Areas Of Work
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Floating Architecture

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Architectural Design.

We work with some of the world’s leaders in floating architecture. If you have an idea and a potential location, we can help you with the architectural designs.

Floating-Capacity Building.

we provided training through our partner floating architects and engineers

Location Scouting.

Without a location, floating projects are simply beautiful renders. We help developers find locations for their projects from our databases of suitable locations. 

Governance & Zones


Legal Frameworks.

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with regulation. With our unique background in maritime projects and Special Economic Zones, plus our team and partners' expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help you create and amend special zone policy on land and on maritime environments. 

Stakeholder Alignment Plans.

Floating and Zone projects have multiple stakeholders: investors, governments, local communities, private companies, grassroots organizations, etc. We strategize how to align interests, ensuring the long-term involvement and satisfaction of nearby local communities. 

Community Engagement Meetings.

we prepare the community engagement that you need, events, workshops, etc. for communicating o the local community about your project or getting them involved.

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Other Services


For Floating architects and engineers.
Project location scouting.



For marinas and locations.

Project structuring (we put together a floating team and project for your marina or location, including architects, engineers, designers, and regulators).

For developers and projects.

Floating projects: architectural design, Location scouting, project structuring/advise/consortium creation. 

Special Economic Zones: legal framework design, stakeholder alignment, project structuring/ advise.

A Word By Our CEO

Seaphia is interested in floating cities because we see the yearly growth of floating building initiatives; from floating homes to floating cities. We acknowledge that this is a growing tendency that cannot be overlooked, and believe in the value of the various urban, demographic, and climate reasons that have made this such a rich, growing space. Therefore, at Seaphia we acknowledge that developing projects in an integrated fashion can provide informed, multi-stakeholder urgent solutions, built from the ground up, to a future in the making.

Dr. Nathalie Mezza-Garcia 

Our Story

Seaphia is the result of 5 years strategizing how to best plan and execute innovative floating projects. After completing a PhD on creating floating special economic zones governed using blockchain technologies in the UK, the company's founder saw the need for a one-stop-shop service provider for this growing industry. 

From there that we understand the social, environmental, political, legal and economic complexity of floating and new Zone  developments better than anyone. Today, Seaphia connects project developers, zones and marinas to floating architects/engineers and innovative legal teams. 

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