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La Estrella

Welcome to La Estrella, a truly unique and unforgettable floating city outside of Cartagena as a way to decrease its traffic congestion.

La Estrella Project is designed to highlight the uses and advantages of high tech for floating buildings!

La Estrella - Exterior render - Plan view.png

Dive in the wonder that is this architectural design. Discover how a proposal arises from its location, multiple bio-inspiration, zoning and high technology.

La Estrella has residential, commercial and touristic areas, making it a place where you can enjoy the marvels of the sea, individually and as a community, while carrying out regular day-to-day activities.

La Estrella - Exterior render 1.png
La Estrella - Exterior render 8.png

A place where you can work, live or both. We´ve included two types of housing, The Dome House (See More) and The Ark House (See More).

We´ve designed it thinking about the outside areas of Cartagena, between the main city and Serena del Mar.

La Estrella - Location.png
La Estrella - Design concept.png

A bio-inspired concept design based on organic forms and living sea creatures.

For the configuration of the island, the morphology of the starfish was used, with different height volumes, giving it a hierarchy of radial order.

La Estrella - Design operations.png
La Estella_Island_Isla_Seaphia_Floating House_Casa Flotante_Diagram_Diagrama

Each building type distinguishing itself by their special relationships between them and the sea.

The Estrella design can be repeated multiple times, growing from a large-scale neighborhood to a city. Each polyfunctional hybrid cell mixes various types of buildings.

La Estella_Island_Isla_Seaphia_Floating House_Casa Flotante_Diagram_Diagrama
La Estrella - Solar energy technical diagram.png

Each module would have solar energy thanks to photovoltaic cells which are integrated into their surfaces in a Voronoi turtle shell pattern.

If you were to either work, live or visit La Estrella, you would be experiencing great sunrises, sunsets and a whole new concept for a floating neighborhood or city, the first of its kind in Colombia.

La Estella_Island_Isla_Seaphia_Floating House_Casa Flotante_Render_Exterior
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