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The sun

Welcome to The Sun Project, a truly unique and unforgettable Tiny Homes floating neighborhood.

The Sun in the Sun

The Sun Project is designed to offer a wide variety of living experiences in tiny, open spaces!

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Each Tiny Home is docked as a ray of sunshine of the round dock. In the middle, Tiny Home owners and visitors can enjoy a natural pool. The Sun offers 3 types of houses: Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight. 

Our CEO came up with the name, The Sun, given the shape formed by the pier.  Likewise, she took inspiration from various moments of the day and named each home after it. 

There are 3 types of Tiny Homes in The Sun design: Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight, each designed with its own style and materials, creating totally different sensations and experiences.

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Sunrise, makes reference to the rising of the sun, it is decorated with cold colors and very well illuminated. It has a second floor where the bedroom is situated below which the kitchen-dining room is well distributed. In order to save space, drawers were located under the stairs.


Sunset, with warmer tones of wood, has a walkable roof where a bathtub is located to relax and a space for sunbathing in the afternoon.

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4.The sun.png

It also has an internal sofa bed that provides the comfort of an interior room or a bed with the best view of the place, as well as a small outdoor public space where people can go out and relax.


Midnight, with darker tones, is identified by its outskirts with a room where you can also rest with a walkable roof, which has a slight green area.

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It has a bed with drawers at the bottom to make the best use of the space located in the most private area, meanwhile its kitchen is situated directly to the largest window. Midnight is the favorite home of the Seaphia team members who worked on The Sun, Angel Hurtado, under the direction of our CEO, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia. 

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