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Welcome to the Milepora; a truly unique and unforgettable floating home. Your own modern castle in the water. 

Each Milepora home is designed to offer a calm, relaxing place to live or visit!

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The first floor has a circular living room with an eat-in kitchen. The large windows offer a panoramic view of the aquatic environment. The furniture is modern and elegant, and the decoration is minimalist.

On the second floor we designed a Spa Bathroom. Its design is modern, it has a standing tub, and even a vertical garden. 

This Seaphia project uses shapes and materials in a modern and strong way. With marvellous marble proposed by high-end kitchen designer Juan Pablo Varela under the direction of our CEO, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia. 

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Imagen (4).jpg

The master bedroom is spacious and fits a king size bed. It is the perfect place to enjoy soft fabric beddings. The windows offer a gorgeous view of the water and the surrounding area.

Rooms were designed with a surrounding balcony like those found in Buenos Aires. 

Imagen (18).jpg

On the third floor, there is a large terrace that offers a spectacular view of the sea. It is the perfect place to put outdoor furniture to sit and relax, with a gorgeous parasol to hide in the shade from the sun, while enjoying the exterior. The terrace is a perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sunset.

That is the Milepora home in a nutshell. A unique experience in the sea. 


Outside we gave special attention to the textures and the combination of wood and concrete. The Milepora homes also have gorgeous flower beds inspired by Italian balconies. 

The  exterior areas have docking spaces for small boats or kayaks that visitors can use them to explore the surroundings. We also designed a direct access to the water for swimming.


All homes are facing away from the pier, which gives privacy to visitors or homebuyers. Nothing like a walk in the morning through the platform that connects the Milepora homes.

The Milepora homes are perfect for any weather. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to develop these gorgeous, unique castle-homes in your area.

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