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A. Floating Architecture:
⦁    Climate and Sustainability:
⦁     Sustainable Characteristics of Floating Architecture; Changho Moon;
⦁    Floating Building Opportunities for Future Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency Gains; Shahryar Habibi; ⦁⦁    _Gains/links/55cb554208aea2d9bdce2493/Floating-Building-Opportunities-for-Future-Sustainable-Development-and-Energy-Efficiency-Gains.pdf
⦁    Floating Cities and Equitable Grafting onto Marine Ecosystems;     Ioana Corina    Giurgiu;
⦁    Development of Self-sufficient Floating Cities with Renewable Resources; Ondrej Krejcar, Ayca Kirimtat;
⦁    Floating Clean Multi-energy Systems Towards Driving Blue Economic Growth; Srikanth Narasimalu;
⦁    Towards A Sustainability Assessment Framework For Floating Photovoltaic Systems In Cities; Giacomo G.L. Testori; ⦁    http⦁    ://
⦁    Floating Architecture: A Design on Hydrophilic Floating House for Fluctuating Water Level; A. Ambica, K. Venkatraman; ⦁⦁    _for_Small_City_Suburbs_-_A_Review/links/59c8ebdfa6fdccc71929c90b/Wetland-Wastewater-Treatment-System-for-Small-City-Suburbs-A-Review.pdf
⦁    Floating architecture in the landscape: climate change adaptation ideas, opportunities and challenges; Edmund Penning-Rowsell;
⦁    Engineering:
⦁    Floating Infrastructure Large Scale Public Spaces on Water;    Gerard     Ronzatti, Petar Lovric;
⦁    A Study on Stability of Floating Architecture and Its Design Methodology;    Toshio Nakajima, Yuka Saito, Motohiko Umeyama;
⦁    Form and functional features of modular floating structures; Svetlana    Kizilova; ⦁⦁    /2019/17/e3sconf_tpacee2019_05013/e3sconf_tpacee2019_05013.html
⦁    BEQS : Marine Pumped-Storage concepts for floating city extensions;    Robert Klar; ⦁    https://iee⦁
⦁    A review of Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) for coastal and offshore uses; Miguel     Lamas-Pardo, Gregorio Iglesias, Luis Carral; ⦁!
⦁    Parametric Model for Generation and Analysis of Modular, Freeform Floating Island Networks, Constructed Using Flexibly Formed Buoycrete®    Diederik Veenendaal, Marco Bovio, Oscar Sainz Avila, Guido Visch;

⦁    Architecture & Design: 
⦁    Design and functions of floating architecture – a review; Yuan-Ho Lin, Yung Chih Lin, Han-Shih Tan;
⦁    Floating Architecture and Conversion of Offshore Structures: A Chronicle of Knud E. Hansen Designs; Carmelo Cascino, Francesca Arini;
⦁    Expanding coastal cities – Proof of feasibility for modular floating structures (MFS); Gil Wang, Yiska Goldfeld, Nitai Drimer; ⦁⦁    S0959652619306900#!
⦁    An Investigation into Environment- Floating Buildings in relation to Sustainability Indicators for Planning and Design Process; Kuei-Feng    Wang; ⦁⦁    86/20864
⦁    Fish Trap – A floating Proto-assembly for Responsive Cities: Towards Citizen-Driven Customised Water Urban Spaces; Peter Buš, Ayça Tartar, ShiYen Wu, Schmitt, Gerhard;

⦁    Transportation and Infrastructure
⦁    Floating Solutions: The New Meaning of Mobility; Milica    Simovic, Sonja Krasic, Marko Nikolic;
⦁    Transportation systems for passenger transportation in floating cities;    B.     Vreugdenhil;

⦁    Case Studies:
⦁    Architectural Design Guideline for Sustainable Floating Houses and Floating Settlements in Vietnam; Thi Thu     Trang Nguyen; ⦁⦁    6-2256-4_28
⦁    Utilization of Historical City for Sustainable Tourism: A Case Study of Floating Market in Thailand; Chaweewan Denpaiboon; ⦁⦁    erences/2015/Konya/WSM/WSM-16.pdf
⦁    A Study on Present Condition and Spatial Organization of Domestic Marina Club to Design Leisure Floating Architecture; Sung-Sine Pak;     ⦁    http⦁    s://
⦁    Lightweight prefabricated floating buildings for shallow inland waters. Design and construction of the floating hotel apartment in Poland; Karolina     Ostrowska-Wawryniuk, Łukasz Piątek;
⦁    Sustainable Floating Architecture Prototype As Energy Efficiency Methods Implementation In Indonesia; Rani Yuni Wulandari, Stephanus Wirawan Dharmatanna, Sitti Awalia Dewi Permatasari,  Diandra Aprilia Judiono,  Ismail Salam; ⦁    http⦁    ://
⦁    Circling Research with Design: NLÉ's African Water Cities Project and Prototype Floating School for Makoko; Kunlé Adeyemi;

⦁    Technology:
⦁    Floating Public Space for Birds: Design Research and Prototype Fabrication in Haliç; Kutay Karabağ; Kutay Karabağ, Zeynep Şahbaz;
⦁    Performance evaluation of sea water heat exchanger installed in the submerged bottom-structure of floating architecture; Young-Hoon Sim;        Kwang-Il Hwang,     ⦁⦁
⦁    Numerical simulation of the movement behavior of floating structures;     Schmidt     Wolfgang, Strangfeld Peter, Volker Eduard, Sliavin Yaraslau; ⦁⦁    p/neu/article/view/23/22
⦁    Floating, Flexible Polymeric Dye-Sensitized Solar-Cell Architecture: The Way of Near-Future Photovoltaics; Federico Bella, Andrea Lamberti, Stefano Bianco, Elena Tresso, Claudio Gerbaldi, Candido Fabrizio;
⦁    Mega Floating City “Green Float”: Concept and Technology Innovations;     Masaki Takeuchi, Ikuo Yoshida;
⦁    Drivers for and Barriers to the Take up of Floating Offshore Wind Technology: A Comparison of Scotland and South Africa; Kubiat Umoh, Mark Lemon;
⦁    Floating solar power plant for sustainable development: A techno-economic analysis;    Anik Goswami, Paromita Sadhu,Utpal Goswami,Pradip Kumar Sadhu;
⦁    Opportunities for cross-fertilisation between the shipbuilding industry and the emergent offshore wind energy sector in Colombia: an overview of floating platform technologies; Gabriela Guadalupe Salas Berrocal, Óscar Alejandro Sanabria Vargas, Mónica Ruíz Pianeta; ⦁⦁    tation-of-the-technology-of-air-biotreatment-in-trickle-bed-bioreactor-to-automotive-painting-indus.pdf#page=87

⦁    Industry:
⦁    An Analysis of Market Situation and Industry Trend in Floating Architecture; Han-Seok Lee; Chang-Ho Mun, Young-Hun Kang; ⦁⦁
⦁    Floating Cities Navigating Environmental Compliance in the Cruise Industry; Daniel E, Smith III, Denita L. Jones;       ⦁    https://⦁⦁    &⦁    cbl=46452
⦁    Mapping Opportunities for Floating Urban Developments in Port Cities;     Rutger De Graaf, Bart Roeffen, K M Czapiewska, Barbara Dal Bo Zanon;

⦁    Urban Planning:
⦁    Potential of floating production for delta and coastal cities; B. Dal Bo Zanon, B.Roeffen, K.M.Czapiewskaa, Graaf-Van Dinther, P.R.Mooijd; ⦁    https://www.sciencedire⦁!
⦁    Towards a Floating Urbanism: Adapting to Water as a New Ground;    Chris     Autera;
⦁    Applicability Of Pop-up Approach To Floating Urbanism:
democratisation Of Aquatoriums In The City Of Belgrade; Milica    Simovic, Petar Mitkovic;
⦁    Feeding our growing population and diminish land-usage by building on
⦁    the idea of Floating Farms; Jain Siddhant;             ⦁⦁    &⦁    Signature=LGd1gBkAUcSVMmVBM4zsAw8⦁    aej6i~HkFlJzlefbKqOr1C1JNRmgVWwwbTXfZ3Bqq8oBmAQB-9pgdKssQXkwNDUD47qsh8Gw8bhZr5mkDtjtoN5b57EWjBYqfAXaNuyXGhbOLirSCWL9H337KEMHEzIPKNNdmGL4VNwzdPuwExNfRAbkKXV9ApEyqIw-mYeJOsh~NNR6Lb-d~pZc9tGv1sWefTRey7kt857dAL9~CuQUa1Ws6uP6BFO6FyoWZNaELakFwBa1R7r09SPgdFo5yDmO⦁    rMD0-zUfPOcSaMRTsRHlgrsPEoq7k8VCcvsDxTm22aapNxL1Spe5BQBwsH-NfuA__⦁    &⦁    Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLOHF5GGSLRBV4ZA
⦁    Floating Modular Housing to Address Demand and Affordability; Jagmeet     Khangura, Jason Haney;
⦁    A multi-objective optimization model for urban planning: The case of a very large floating structure; Shlomo Bekhor, Yedidya Levi, Yehiel Rosenfeld; ⦁!
⦁    Great Ideas Float to the Top; C. M. Wang, B. T. Wang;

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