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Floating Tiny Tiki

pina-colada (1)_edited.png

Welcome to the Floating Tiny Tiki Bar, a truly unique and unforgettable restobar designed for Colombia's Caribbean waters! 

flamenco (1)_edited.png
pina-colada (1)_edited.png
flamenco (1).png

The Floating Bar is designed to boost innovative tourism in coastal cities!


We designed with...


Unobstructed views...

  ...tiki bar...

Modern white sofas & ratan chairs...

 ...jet ski mooring...

anaerobic dry toilet...

This Tiki bar is the size of 3 small containers. It has an attached bathroom and features a tall palm tree in the middle. It is the perfect place to take a break and have a piña colada in the ocean!

pina-colada (1).png

Of course! There's space for solar panels on top of the bathroom!! And the bathroom uses !you guessed it right!) anaerobic dry toilets. 

The Tiny Tiki can be rented for celebrations, and can be moved and toed away. Definitively a place that marina visitors would love to have nearby! 


Check it out, we even designed it with a clear glass dance floor!  

flamenco (1)_edited.png
palmera (1).png
pina (1).png
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