One-Stop-Shop for floating architecture projects &  Floating Special Economic Zones 

We are your trusted partner for innovative projects that include floating architecture, special zone frameworks and blue cleantech. We help you dive into and navigate the complexity of these waters.                                                   


One-Stop-Shop for Floating Special Economic Zones

A sustainable future can be achieved on water.  But at Seaphia we know that before we can have floating cities, we have to start with specific business cases. Short and medium-term floating developments based on on-the-water-real-estate and blue technologies and with –and without– the right special regulatory framework provide the way forward.
Our business development services target tomorrow’s needs with engineering and legal tools that are at hand. We bring together a unique skill set and experience that knows, better than anyone, the political, economic, environmental, social and legal complexity of floating projects. Our company helps you navigate the complexity of these new waters. 

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