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One-Stop-Shop for innovative aquatecture projects and digital Economic Zones 

We help your projects get off the ground by navigating with you the complexity of these new waters. 

One-Stop-Shop for  Aquatecture and Special Economic Zone Projects

Digital Economic Zones:

We are helping set up the world's leading jurisdiction for blockchain, fintech, and digital assets in the United States, and can do the same for you in your city or country. Our team and network have a unique skill set and experience. We know how to navigate, better than anyone, the political, economic, social, and legal complexity of SEZ projects. Search no more! You've found us! 

Aquatecture - Floating Architecture:

We love water, beautiful architecture and unique designs. So why not combining them in aquatectured houses, hotels and neighborhoods? Yes. One day we'll have floating cities, but to get there, we have to start at a smaller scale, with or without special regulatory frameworks. We can help you get there. 

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Areas Of Expertise
Image by Dim Hou
Image by Kharl Anthony Paica

We are one of the few firms in Latin America dedicated to floating architecture developments, neighborhoods, and districts; and we are for sure the only one-stop-shop service provider for new players in the industry. We work on:

  • Fl​oating: houses

  • Floating  co-workings

  • Floating Neighborhoods

  • Floating markets

  • Floating bars,

  • Floating blue economy hubs

  • Floating resorts


We are one of the few firms in the Americas, including Latin America, dedicated to building houses and neighborhoods on water, and the only one-stop-shop service provider for new players in the industry. We consult and design:

  • Location scouting for projects

  • Legal frameworks of floating projects

  • Fl​oating: houses

  • Floating  co-workings

  • Floating Neighborhoods

  • Floating markets

  • Floating bars,

  • Floating blue economy hubs

  • Floating resorts

Special Economic Zones

Our team and extensive network has decades of experience in the Zone industry. We have participated in the most innovative Special Zones to-date: web3 Special Economic Zones and SeaZones. 

We consult and work behind the scenes on: 

  • Community engagement implementation

  • Stakeholder alignment plan

  • Special regulatory frameworks

  • Web3 and Digital Special Economic Zones

  • Maritime Special Economic Zones

  • We create easy-to-understand documentation for your audiences

Image by Nick Karvounis

Our Clients

Our clients truly become our partners. 

Scattered Coins

Special Zone Developers



  • Legal framework 

  • Operations

  • Backend strategy

  • Community engagement plans

  •  stakeholder alignment,   project structuring/advice.

Aerial Photo of a Marina

Floating Architecture Firms 

  • Project location scouting

  • Architectural design

  • Consortium-building

  • Marketing


  • Project structuring

  • Design

  • Consulting expertise  

Why our niches?

Seaphia is the result of 5 years of strategizing how to best plan and execute innovative aquatecture projects with special regulatory frameworks. Seaphia's founder decided to found a consulting and business development company after completing her PhD at the University of Warwick in the UK on complex governance systems, where she worked on and studied floating special economic zones governed using blockchain technologies. She saw the need for a one-stop-shop service provider for this growing industry. 

From there that at Seaphia understands the social, architectural, environmental, political, legal, and economic complexity of floating and new zone developments better than anyone. Seaphia works hand-in-hand with project developers, companies, marinas and governments, helping them get their projects off the ground.

A Word By Our Founder

Blockchain Zones and floating cities are 2 new spaces that are rapidly growing. Seaphia is happy to be an expert in both. We approach our projects as a multistakeholder process, taking care of what matters to permit-givers, to homeowners, crypto digital nomads, to local communities and to the fish. 

Dr. Nathalie Mezza-Garcia 

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