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Lutaina Floating Chappel

Lutaina Chappel

Welcome to Lutaina Chappel, a truly unique and unforgettable floating chapel that integrates with its wonderful environment thanks to its bio-inspiration.

The Lutaina Chappel is designed to be a special and unconventional place to get married!

Lutaina Floating Chappel - Upper view

Tied to the shores of the coast, it is implanted as a pier surrounded by the wonders of the land and the sea.

From an aerial and general point of view, one would come to think that the shapes of the project do not have a concrete meaning when its origin is really very interesting.

Lutaina Floating Chappel - Roof
Lutaina Floating Chappel - Perspective

Its shape, especially the curves of the roof, resemble the morphology of stingrays, from which the inspiration for the project arises.

From a frontal view we see the characteristic curve that the stingray generates when swimming.

Lutaina Floating Chappel - Exterior
Lutaina Floating Chappel - Access

The access is made up of a linear pier that culminates in the floating structure that complements the panorama of the seafront.

An admirable landscape at any time of the day but above all that stands out in sunrises and sunsets.

Lutaina Floating Chappel - Front view
Lutaina Floating Chappel - Interior

A high permeability of the interior space is achieved thanks to the wooden slats used for the enclosure as well as for the details such as the large imposing cross on the altar.

Each of the elements was designed to be part of the experience, not only for the priest but also for the listeners.

Lutaina Floating Chappel - Altar
Lutaina Floating Chappel - Detail

There are even special spaces to make your prayers connecting with the greater forces of nature and the Holy Spirit.

If you were to visit this floating chapel you would enjoy the experience of a special and unconventional place to host your most beloved God related events or just to connect your inner self with the universe.

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