Reading Lists

We curated a comprehensive list of floating architecture and innovative zone governance research publications by key authors in the fields.


For Floating Architecture, we put together papers on the main aspects of the field: climate and sustainability; engineering; architecture and design; transportation and infrastructure; case studies; technology; industry;  urban planning. 

For maritime governance and Special Economic Zones, we curated a list of research publications focused on the governance and legal aspects of floating projects, urban planning, and case studies of floating living spaces and special economic zones.

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Floating Architecture


Case Studies



    ⦁  Utilization of Historical City for Sustainable Tourism: A            Case Study of Floating Market in Thailand. Chaweewan            Denpaiboon.

    ⦁   A Study on Present Condition and Spatial Organization             of Domestic Marina Club to Design Leisure Floating                   Architecture. Sung-Sine Pak.

   ⦁  Lightweight prefabricated floating buildings for shallow           inland waters. Design and construction of the floating               hotel apartment in Poland. Karolina Ostrowska-                             Wawryniuk, Łukasz Piątek.

   ⦁  Sustainable Floating Architecture Prototype As Energy             Efficiency Methods Implementation In Indonesia; Rani               Yuni Wulandari, Stephanus Wirawan Dharmatanna, Sitti           Awalia Dewi Permatasari,  Diandra Aprilia Judiono,                     Ismail Salam.

   ⦁  Circling Research with Design: NLÉ's African Water 

       Cities Project and Prototype Floating School for Makoko.         Kunlé Adeyemi.


Maritime & Floating Governance - Special Zones



Governance of Floating Stuctures


⦁    Developing Floating Communities: A comparative                        research to examine flood resilience in cities, considered          from an institutional capacity approach. M.L. Leijstra.

⦁    A Legal Regime for the Exploration and Exploitation of              Offshore Renewable Energy. Francesca Galea.


Governance of Complex Systems

⦁    Reconfiguring environmental governance: Towards a                   politics of scales and networks. Harriet Bulkeley.

⦁    The Comparative Politics of Transnational Climate                       Governance. Thomas Hale.

⦁    Global governance in the context of climate change: the             challenges of increasingly complex risk                                                 parameters. Carolyn Deere Birkbeck.

⦁    Finding the coast: Environmental governance and the                characterisation of land and sea. Catherine Leyshon.


Legal Classification of Floating structures

  Floating Homes -Vessels or a Real Property. Janis                         Viesturs.

⦁   Artificial Islands In The Law of the Sea. Francesca                         Galea.

⦁   Legal Issues for Artificial Floating Islands. Maarten                       Flikkema, Fen-Yu (Vicky) Lin, Pernille P. J. van der Plank,             Jos Koning, Olaf Waals.

Blockchain and Decentralization

⦁    Economics of Blockchain. Sinclair Davidson. 

⦁    Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Governance: Is        the State Still Necessary?. Marcella Atzori.


Special Zones and New Jurisdictions

⦁    Modernity and the Urban Imagination in Economic                      Zones. Jonathan Bach.

⦁    Special Economic Zones and WTO Compliance: Evidence        from the Dominican Republic. Fabrice Defever.

⦁    Planning for Special Economic Zone: A Regional
      Perspective. V. Devadas. 

⦁    Special Economic Zones in Africa : Comparing                                Performance and Learning from Global                                                Experience. Thomas C. Farole.

⦁    Port Cities in Asia and Europe. Arndt Graf.

⦁    Emergence of a New Hanseatic League: How Special                  Economic Zones Will Reshape Global                                                    Governance. Mark Frazier.

⦁    Founding Startup Societies: A Step by Step                                         Guide. Joseph MacKinney, Mark Frazier. 

⦁    Smart Cities, Transparency, Civic Technology and                          Reinventing Government. Nina David, John G.                                McNuttJonathan B. Justice. 

⦁    The New Science of Cities. Michael Batty.

⦁    Special International Zones in Practice and Theory. Tom            W. Bell.


⦁    Seasteading: How floating nations will restore the                        environment, enrich the poor, cure the sick, and liberate            humanity from politicians. Joe Quirk, Patri Friedman.

⦁    The True Obstacle to the Autonomy of Seasteads:                         American Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Over                                 Homesteads on the High Seas. O. Shane Balloun, Charles         Roger, Liliana Andonova.

⦁    Law, Governance, and International Relations of                            Seasteads. Tom W. Bell.

⦁    Atlas Swam: Freedom, Capital, and Floating                                      Sovereignties in the Seasteading Vision. Elizabeth                        Nyman, Philip E. Steinberg; Mauro J. Caraccioli.

⦁    Dynamic Geography: A Blueprint for Efficient                                  Government. Patri Friedman.

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Journal publications

One of our partners/clients is the Startup Societies Foundation with its Institute for Competitive Governance. Seaphia leads the publication of the Startup Society's Journal of Special Jurisdictions. This is the only active academic journal focused on special jurisdictions. 

Every issue of the journal focuses on innovative jurisdictions from across the world.


By participating in the Journal of Special Jurisdictions, Seaphia pushes the boundaries of knowledge in the governance and decentralized governance space.  

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Governance and Regulations Research

Paving the Waves Conference

Paving the Waves was the largest conference specialized in floating. It brought together leading international experts from the industry, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from across the world to share knowledge on floating solutions. 

The conference took place digitally in 2020, and Seaphia organized and hosted the online part of the event.  


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Floating Cities and Floating Architecture

Image by Thanos Pal