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New Venice Market

New Venice Market

Welcome to New Venice Market, a truly unique and unforgettable floating structure for New venice people to sell fish, their products and handicrafts.

The New Venice Market is designed to provide a different shopping experience adequate to the site´s traditions!

New Venice Market - Floating

This floating structure is made up of two platforms in which the different spaces for the activities that take place in the market are distributed.

Both platforms communicate thanks to the presence of two arch-shaped bridges that not only connect the spaces but also give a touch of the traditional pedestrian crossings.

New Venice Market - Platforms connection
New Venice Market

In the first half of each platform you will find areas to sit and enjoy the beauties of the place.

In the other half there are 4 types of stands where each one is suitable for fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, restaurants, and the traditional sales of sweets, souvenirs and handicrafts.

New Venice Market - Product Selling
New Venice Market - Artisans

If you were to visit this floating market you would enjoy the wonders of the tradition in New Venice, its people, gastronomy, culture, all surrounded by a wonderful landscape.

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