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Cartagana Hotel

Welcome to the Cartagana Hotel, a truly unique and unforgettable hidden jewel in the middle of the sea, a true lodging experience.

The Cartagana Hotel is designed to combine the comfort of a hotel with the tranquility of the waters!

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The design counts with a spacious reception and well-appointed rooms where guests can enjoy an unforgettable stay in this dream hotel.

Upon entering the hotel reception, it is impossible not to notice the impressive spaciousness of the room, with comfortable sofas that invite you to kick back and relax while admiring the aquatic landscape.

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5.Hotel Cartagana.jpg

Heading into the bedroom, one finds a cozy and well-appointed room, with a spacious and comfortable bed that promises a good night's sleep. The bathroom is carefully designed, a wardrobe with ample space to store belongings and a television complete the environment.

From the room, you can enjoy the impressive views of the sea, and listen to the relaxing sound of the waves while you rest. The sensation of sleeping in the water is incomparable and provides a unique experience.

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1.Hotel Cartagana.jpg

If you were to stay at this floating hotel you would experience an exceptional place to enjoy nature and luxury combined in one place. 

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