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Santa Verónica House

Welcome to the Santa Verónica House, a truly unique and unforgettable 2 stories home.

The Santa Verónica House is designed to provide a unique experience!

1.Santa Verónica House.jpg

A design that balances and mixes the elements of a modern home style with the floating technology and aquatic environments at a considerable cost.

On the first floor there is a spacious living room, a fully equipped kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom.

Santa Verónica House Living Room and Kitchen
3.Santa Verónica House.jpg

And a swimming pool with a small outdoor room for sunbathing.

On the second floor there is a glazed terrace with a magnificent view of the sea and a large terrace with a room that is located next to it.

6.Santa Verónica House.jpg
Santa Verónica House Jacuzzi

The roof also offers another terrace, with a jacuzzi, a shower, with a spectacular view of the sea.

And a barbecue area to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends and family.

5.Santa Verónica House.jpg
2.Santa Verónica House.jpg

If you were to live in the 2 floors houseboat you would experience the privilege of enjoying the wonderful views that the sea landscape has to offer.

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