Architectural Design/Build

We work with some of the world’s leaders in floating architecture. If you have an idea and a potential location, we can help you with the architectural designs. 

Feasability Studies

We and our team of expert partners conduct environmental, legal, economic and location studies feasibility studies for floating projects.

Complexity Analysis

We are experts in complex systems and are happy to provide this unique service . We help projects better understand problems they might face with our team of complexity experts from top universities around the world. 

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Tenants and Investor Search

We find the right tenants for your floating development and match it with our network of floating project investors.

Ecosystem Restoration Analysis

We know that floating architecture can improve the health of the local ecosystem and the environment. As a result, we evaluate your project’s holistic climate and environmental impact to see how the project can have a restorative effect.

Marketing and Media Relations

Every project needs public relations and marketing services. But we are familiar with relevant media and can promote your project in key publications.

Our  Services

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Beach Cleanup
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Market studies

Before beginning a project, we help assess its viability, identify market trends and recommend the best strategy.

Community Engagement


The best floating developments involve the local community long-term. We create community engagement plans to ensure that your project has long-term local participation by multiple stakeholders.

Stakeholder Analysis

Floating projects have multiple stakeholders; investors, governments, local communities, private companies, grassroots organizations, etc. We conduct stakeholder analysis to better understand the relevant groups. Based on that, we conduct outreach, identify allies and do a risk assessment.