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Floating Architecture

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Architectural Design

We work with some of the world’s leaders in floating architecture. If you have an idea and a potential location, we can help you with the architectural designs.

Floating-Capacity Building

we provided training trough our partner floating architects and engineers

Location Scouting

Without a location, floating projects are simply beautiful renders. We help developers find locations for their projects from our databases of suitable locations. 

Governance & Zones


Legal Frameworks

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with regulation. Our unique background in maritime projects and Special Economic Zones, plus our team and partners' expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help you create and amend special zone policy on land and on maritime environments. 

Stakeholder Alignment Plans

Floating and Zone projects have multiple stakeholders: investors, governments, local communities, private companies, grassroots organizations, etc. We strategize how to align interests, ensuring the long-term involvement and satisfaction of nearby local communities. 

Community Engagement Meetings

we prepare the community engagement that you need, events, workshops, etc. for communicating o the local community about your project or getting them involved.

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Other Services


For Floating architects and engineers
Project Marketing


For marinas and locations

Project structuring (we put together a floating project for your marina or location, including architects, engineers, designers)


For developers and projects

Floating projects: architectural design, Location scouting, project structuring/advise/consortium creation 
Special Economic Zones: legal framework design, stakeholder alignment, project structuring/ advise