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Seaphia is a consultancy and service provider for aquatecture and new zone developments. We bring in the right people and teams needed to turn projects into reality and execute them.  Our short-listed partners include some of the world's top floating architects, designers, and engineers.

For projects that consist of developing new Special Jurisdictions (Special Economic Zones, Charter Cities, Eco-villages), our partners include the developers of some of the most innovative legal jurisdictions in the world. Seaphia's primary markets and projects are in the Americas (The United States and Colombia).

Seaphia provides clients and partners services in the feasibility and development phases whether they are creating floating project initiatives or stakeholder alignment plans, we have also prepared documentation for FinTech Special Economic Zones, led research initiatives on special jurisdictions, and worked with marinas to increase their client-base.

We also work in communication, based on new regulations for zone developers and local governments to relate better to non-specialized audiences about their public-private partnerships, organizing multi-institutional and end-of-project/grant events for floating architects, all of which is laying the water for Bluetech lab buildings.

A Word By Our CEO

Floating cities and digital jurisdictions are the future. As a leader in the field, I can't overlook these two tendencies. At Seaphia we believe in the multiple urban, economic, climate and technological and even ecological reasons backing these growing fields, and want to help clients and partners. Whether they are new in these spaces or have more traction, our approach is the same: we get things done!

Dr. Nathalie Mezza-Garcia 

Tropical Resort
Tropical Resort

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