Seaphia is a business development and consultancy company for floating architecture and Special Economic Zone projects. Seaphia helps teams take projects from idea and design to implementation. Together with its partners, it provides a suite of services in the feasibility and execution phases. We connect project and location leads with floating architects, designers and engineers. We also connect real estate and tech developers, architects and engineers with locations for their projects, and manage the relationship. Seaphia was founded by Dr. Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, PhD., internationally renowned expert on innovative floating zone projects.   

Seaphia is the result of 5 years strategizing how to best plan and execute innovative floating projects. At Seaphia, we understand the social, environmental, political, legal and economic complexity of floating developments. We know that the success of special floating innovative developments lies on involving local communities, trust and reputation, good government relationships, economic self-sufficiency and a well-scouted location. We were founded to help businesses and partners navigate the complexity of these new waters.

Karina Czapiewska
William Graf

Financial advisor

William has an extensive experience in investment banking, capital markets, financial advising and portfolio management. 

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William has an extensive experience in investment banking, capital markets, financial advising and portfolio management. 

Operations and Research Strategist

Nataly Velasquez

Nataly is an International Relations expert who has studied 9 languages. Her core experience is with people's-contact positions. She's passionate about opportunities that connect, develop and reshape humanity into a better future.

Carlos Ariza 


Alexis Meza Ariza

VP of Business Development

Alexis has over 30 years of experience in construction and managing of oil and gas wells. Before shifting to a more sustainable industry, he was the former Technical VP of Projects and Human Resources Manager at Ecopetrol, Colombia's largest oil company. He has an extensive experience in auditing, negotiating, directing investment portafolios, harmonizing interests of local authorities, communities, workers and large-scale projects. 



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Volunteer assistant, enthusiast of blue technologies and SEZ's; also a Foreign Trade undergraduate.

Gianluca Rigobello


Nathalie Mezza-Garcia

Founder & CEO


Nathalie is the only person in the world who has completed a PhD on floating Special Economic Zones. She is the former international spokesperson of the Floating Island Project in French Polynesia by Blue Frontiers. She's also the Managing Editor of the Journal of Special Jurisdictions by the Startup Societies Foundation. She's the organizer of Climathon, Barranquilla, under the umbrella of Climate-Kic, the leading program by the European Union Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT. 


Joseph T. McKinney

Founder of Startup Societies Foundation & CEO eTribe

Joseph-McKinney photo.jpg

Joseph McKinney is CEO of the Startup Societies Foundation, a 501c(3) nonprofit group dedicated to supporting small, experimental jurisdictions worldwide. The organization has created the world's largest database of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), the only active academic journal focused on special jurisdictions, and a how-to-guide for entrepreneurs to create new SEZ projects. He also cofounded Nuhanse Network, a benefit corporation dedicated to supporting the Startup Societies movement throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Nuhanse Network develops and customizes strategies, software, and services for next-generation Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and other types of Startup Societies

Karina Czapiewska

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Blue21, Delta-Sync & Indymo


Karina is the Managing Director of the Dutch firm Blue21, one of the world's leading floating architecture, engineering and development companies. She's a business development and sustainable development expert. She graduated at the faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology with a minor in Sustainable Development (TIDO). 

Jop Blom

Co-Founder at Start-U-up, Behold, Rainbow Collection and ClimateLaunchpad latam lead


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